Recruitment is OPEN in general to Social/Casual applicants & to Ranged DPS for raiding, and CLOSED for other raiding (an exceptional Healer may be considered, Monk preferred).

Truly exceptional applicants will always be considered - be prepared to make your case. :-)

Raid Progress

The Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic.
Trial of Valour: 3/3 Heroic.
The Nighthold: 3/10 Mythic.
Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 Heroic.

Role Playing

The Ebon Redemption
Open Guild Roleplay

The wind shrieked like a child in pain.

Ignorant of the tempest raging outside, a lone figure knelt before an ancient altar sheltered by cold, saronite walls. Despite the storm that seemed engulfed the structure, the interior was deadly calm, allowing the figure to concentrate wholly on the rythmic sounds of his own breathing.

His meditation was broken by a sudden gust of wind, sweeping through the benches, snuffing out the few candles that littered the room, providing the faint illumination. The figure's long, elegant ears twitched, as they registered the sound. The wind died as suddenly as it came, leaving the room once again in deadly silence. His concentration broken, the figure rose, the heavy platemail he wore creaking in protest of the motion. He opened his eyes, once burning with bright amber, now glowing with an unnatural blueish hue. His glaring eyes surveyed the now dark room, trying to pinpoint the source of the eerie gust of wind. It was more of a motion out of sheer habit, for his heightened other senses have long ago registered the other presence in the room with him.

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Welcome to the Ebon Flame!

Ebon Flame is a raiding guild with a strong social and community aspect based on Moonglade, an RP-PvE realm in the EU.

We are one of the oldest guilds in the realm, formed in December 2005. Today, Ebon Flame is a long-standing & successful guild with active recruitment, resources in the form of a focused & well stocked/funded guild bank accessible to members, and an active Officer corps.

We have until recently fielded two 10-man raiding teams. One was a progression raiding team that asked a high performance level from its members, and the other was a more social raiding team that wished to progress through current content and who are not afraid of a little challenge along the way. In the run-up to Warlords of Draenor, we have consolidated into one raiding team - and we will continue with one team into the expansion, hitting everything all the way up to & including Mythic.

As well as our raiding successes, we pride ourselves on the stable and mature community we have built up over time and welcome like-minded people to join us as social members. We encourage all other kinds of activities to take place, from PvP in arenas & battlegrounds to role-playing to PvE in instances and doing dailies together. We always aim to get to know each other better, challenge ourselves against the greatest of challenges, and ultimately enjoy the game all of us have chosen to play.

Guild News

The Heroic Felling of the Fel Fallen Avatar (of Fel)

31 July 17, by Sofiana

Ahead of the Curve - Heroic Gul'dan Dead!

15 April 17, by Sofiana

The warriors of Ebon Flame stand triumphant, having defeated Gul'dan in the culmination of Heroic Nighthold!

Also, Heroic Botanist.

And Heroic Tichondrius.

And Heroic Star Augur Etraeus.

And Heroic Krosus.

Another Update, Mid-Heroic-Nighthold

6 February 17, by Sofiana

Spellblade Aluriel, The Nighthold, Heroic.

Trilliax, The Nighthold, Heroic.

(Earlier Nighthold bosses on Heroic weren't deemed worthy of a screenie, having been one-shotted. :-) )

Gul'dan, The Nighthold, Normal.

Helya, Trial of Valour, Heroic.

Pre-Nighthold Update

12 January 17, by Sofiana

Congrats and well done to all involved in these tricky kills! :-)

Dragons of Nightmare, Emerald Nightmare, Mythic. (Mental note: never stand behind Lylaeth. :-( )

Ursoc, Emerald Nightmare, Mythic.

Elerethe Renferal, Emerald Nightmare, Mythic.

Guarm, Trial of Valour, Heroic.

Bringing Things Up to Date

21 November 16, by Sofiana

Nythendra, Emerald Nightmare, Mythic.

Helya, Trial of Valour, Normal.

Heroic Xavius - Dead!

25 October 16, by Sofiana


First Killshots of Legion

18 October 16, by Sofiana

Some toughies here, all from Emerald Nightmare on Heroic. Congratulations to all involved, who are now looking full in the face of Heroic Xavius... :-)

Mythic Hellfire Assault & Iron Reaver Beaten

10 June 16, by Sofiana

After some considerable time and a number of issues affecting numbers of raiders, on the evening of Thursday the 9th May 2016 with less than twelve weeks to go until Legion launches, Ebon Flame made it's first successful foray into Mythic Hellfire Citadel - and dropped the first couple of bosses. People seemed to generally enjoy the renewed challenge and chance to stretch their skills in tough, progression content again for the first time in months. :-)

Blackhand (Mythic) Has Fallen!

27 May 16, by Sofiana

Ariethar. Axedra. Chiikiraa. Dawnelle. Devial. Ellvae. Gandogar. Heba. Kenshou. Llompski. Materalus. Mayuu. Shayden. Sofiana. Talyth. Tiaana. Uria. Verannion. Vivantaa. Ymla.

Twenty names - those of Ebon Flame raiders who, on the eve of Thursday the 26th of May 2016, saw through the fall of Blackhand at his most empowered. As a thanks, the Alliance has awarded all Ebon Flame members the opportunity to purchase a Blacksteel Battleboar. :-)

Furthermore, following this victory Ariethar was awarded the single Ironhoof Destroyer to honour his services to Ebon Flame in leading raids since the start of the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Thank you very much for all your efforts to the benefit of us all, Ari! :-)

Heroic Archi Looks Good From Here, Too

20 November 15, by Sofiana

The culmination of many nights of work and wipes happened on the evening of Thursday the 19th November, 2015. We knew what we were doing, and all it took was a little extra "punch". :-)

Archimonde Looks Good From This Angle

3 September 15, by Sofiana

Ebon Flame Transmog Contest

27 August 15, by Sofiana

On the evening of Wednesday 26th August 2015 in the beer garden of "A Hero's Welcome" in Dalaran, Ebon Flame held a costume/transmog competition! First place was won by Devavictrix, second was Susaku, third was Chiikiraa with myself a finalist runner-up. Thanks ever so much also to Bragdash & Faelwen & Catla for taking part, to everyone who showed up to spectate, to Merri & Llompski for judging, and to Shayden for organising and judging! :-)

Blackhand, Warlord of the Blackrock (Heroic)

16 April 15, by Sofiana

Ebon Flame is now officially, once again, Ahead of the Curve - f**k you, Blackhand! :-)

Imperator Mar'gok (Heroic)

27 January 15, by Sofiana

Ebon Flame is now officially Ahead of the Curve. Next: Cutting Edge... :-)

Recruitment Status - Looking For A Few Good Healers

3 December 14, by Sofiana

Ebon Flame is currently looking for up to 1 or 2 more healers who will fit well within our ranks and possess the ability & ambition to raid regularly with us at up to & including Mythic level.

Recruitment to all other raiding applicants is now closed (truly exceptional applicants will always be considered, however).