Recruitment is OPEN in general to Raiding, Casual, and Social applicants in the run up to Battle For Azeroth, with a particular eye to strengthening and increasing our Raiding Team as well as our community as a whole for the new expansion.

Exceptional applicants will always be considered - be prepared to make your case. :-)

Updated Friday 6th April, 2018.

Raid Progress

Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic.
Trial of Valour: 3/3 Mythic.
Nighthold: 10/10 Mythic.
Tomb of Sargeras: 2/9 Mythic.
Antorus, The Burning Throne: 2/11 Mythic.

Role Playing

The Ebon Restoration

Library, The Ebon Keep

Motes of dust hung glittering in the air, seemingly suspended in the beams of light that trickled down through the cracks in the ceiling. Books rested on shelves or tables, open, closed, whole and partial. Even Deathwing couldn't have caused such a mess. The room looked like it had been put to the torch, extinguished, lit again and then been rampaged around by a horde of overly inquisitive piglets. Several humanoid robots, scale built replicas of Blood Elven arcane golems, were hard at work picking through the debris at their masters behest.

In the middle of the room, Verannion stood looking out across the devastation. Occasionally a robot would scurry up to him with tomes in various states of repair, only to be sent away when it became apparent their find was not satisfactory. Sighing, the elderly gnome sat down, closed his eyes and pinched his nose. Youth, that was the thing. With no respect for the wisdoms of old, it was easy to leave these treasures scattered about without a care. He'd once pondered building robotic servants to maintain the halls, but had been gently and firmly discouraged by the Keeper. "No exploding contraptions are going to run around my castle", he had said. Typical night elf, and look where it had gotten him: Missing, no word on his whereabouts and now dust, DUST was covering every inch of this sacred place of knowledge. His eyes snapped open. Not every inch, no. He padded over to a nearby desk. Books where piled on high here, as if someone had gleaned through their contents and tossed them aside when they did not contain what was sought. Ridling through them, Verannion noticed a pattern; every book was emblazoned with the symbol of the Ebon Flame. Someone had been searching for guild lore. In vain.

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Welcome to the Ebon Flame!

Ebon Flame is a raiding guild with a strong social and community aspect based on Moonglade, an RP-PvE realm in the EU.

We are proud and honoured to be one of the oldest guilds in the realm, founded in December 2005. Today, Ebon Flame is a long-standing & successful guild with continuously active recruitment, significant resources in the form of a focused & well stocked/funded guild bank accessible to members & fueling the raids, and an active Officer corps.

We field one raiding team, and we hit everything from Normals to Mythic - always aiming to better ourselves. We normally raid three times a week - 'progression' runs are made with a chosen team of dedicated raiders for whom performance is critical, and more practiced/casual runs are done with much more open inclusivity. We also ensure that no-one who has contributed gets left behind in the Meta Achievements.

As well as our raiding successes, we pride ourselves on the stable and mature community we have built up over time - and welcome like-minded people to join us as social members. We encourage all other kinds of activities to take place, from PvP in arenas & battlegrounds to role-playing to PvE in instances and doing dailies together.

We always aim to get to know each other better, challenge ourselves against the greatest of challenges available, and ultimately enjoy the game all of us have chosen to play by making a welcoming & friendly home for all of our members!

Guild News

Mythic Hounds of Sargeras Defeated

23 April 18, by Tiaana

Tonight's foray into Mythic Antorus resulted in an exciting kill of the Hounds of Sargeras. Well done everybody, especially the MVB (Most Valuable Bear) Vivantaa

Killing Gul'dan? That's Mythic

18 April 18, by Tiaana

This week Ebon Flame went back to the Nighthold and completed the achievement for the defeat of Mythic Gul'dan to become 'Vengeance Incarnate'

For The Glory!

13 February 18, by Tiaana

During one of our recent raids we completed the 'Glory of the Argus Raider' achievement, getting the Antoran Gloomhound mount for all who took part. It was good work by everyone who could make it, and congratulations to you all.

Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker Defeated

8 February 18, by Tiaana

The Garothi Worldbreaker was defeated on our first day of Mythic Antorus, excellent work by everyone who took part.

The Heroes of Ebon Flame defeat the Titan Argus

25 January 18, by Tiaana

Facing down the Titan Argus, Ebon Flame threw ourselves into battle only to find that his power was too great for us to handle. With the help of the Pantheon though we were able to finally overcome Argus, with just a... few deaths. With another Titan defeated it was time for Sargeras to finally meet his fate, but not until he made one last spiteful blow against Azeroth. After returning back home the Ebon Flame went to Silithus to survey the damage

Aggramar turns out to not be Heroic enough for Ebon Flame

21 January 18, by Tiaana

The Ebon Flame cautiously approached the recently resurrected Titan, unsure of his might, but our fears turned out to be unfounded as he was unable to stand against our fury and desire to finish the Burning Legion's crusade of terror. After quickly dispatching him we headed to the Pantheon

The Coven of Shivarra's Heroic Resistance Overcome

21 January 18, by Tiaana

The Coven of Shivarra used all their spells and tricks in order to try and stop the Ebon Flame's assault on the Burning Throne. Despite all their efforts it was not enough to stop us from ending their wicked ways. Their torture has been stopped for now, but as we push on our way is blocked by a Titan.

Varimathras Heroically endured but was ended by the Flame

18 December 17, by Tiaana

Varimathras had endured great torment at the hands of the Coven but their games were cut short by the Ebon Flame, much to the Coven's fury. This won't last long though

Defeating Heroic Kin'goroth, Engineer of the Apocalypse

4 December 17, by Tiaana

After breaking into his workshop the Ebon Flame faced off against the Engineer Kin'goroth, keen to get revenge for all of those killed by his Fel Reavers and other diabolical machines. He tried to stop us but fell like the others

Heroically stopping the Burning Legion in Antorus

3 December 17, by Tiaana

Defeating Portal Keeper Hasabel should slow down the Legions assault's on other worlds. She fell to the Ebon Flame tonight, all her summoning portals couldn't save her.

Imonar the Soulhunter guarded the entrance to the Legion's machine workshop, but it was a bridge too far for this mercenary when he chose the wrong job and tried to stop us breaking in. After defeating him we blew through the door so we could face the Engineer

Ebon Flame continues to assault Heroic Antorus

30 November 17, by Tiaana

On the second night of our attack on Antorus we managed to dispatch the Antoran High Command

And we followed that up by rescuing the essence of Eonar the Life-Binder to prevent her from being perverted by the Legion

Ebon Flame Heroically Assaults Antorus, the Burning Throne!

30 November 17, by Tiaana

At the start of our foray into Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne, Ebon Flame managed to defeat the first two obstacles in our way:

The Garothi Worldbreaker was quickly dispatched, down a cliff

We then put down the Felhounds of Sargeras

Harjatan has been Mythically Destroyed

20 November 17, by Tiaana

The Defeat of Mythic Goroth

20 November 17, by Tiaana

Axedra's Campfire Stories - Friday 27th Oct, 2017

29 October 17, by Sofiana

Sofi's Story.

It is just gone midnight, in an otherwise unremarkable house in the back streets of Stormwind. The autumnal night is deathly silent, save for the distant cathedral bells tolling out the passage of the hours. A young child is asleep in her bed.

Suddenly wide & stone-cold awake, she hears footsteps outside her door, and peeks out of the corners of her eyes to see what is happening. Her door swings softly & gently open to reveal a silhouette, carrying what the girl... somehow knows to be... the corpses of her parents.

After quietly propping them up on a chair in the hallway, the murderer writes something on the wall in the blood of his victims, with his bare hand. He then hides under the child's bed.

The child is scared beyond belief. She can’t read the writing on the wall and she knows the man is under her bed. She pretends that she slept through the whole thing and hasn’t awoken yet. She lays as still as the bodies, quietly hearing the oh-so-soft breathing from under her bed.

The cathedral bell tolls once again. Her eyes have adjusted more and more to the darkness. She tries to make out the words, but... it’s a struggle...

Finally, she cannot help but let out a gasp or horror when she finally makes out the sentence...

"I know you are awake”.

The bed... shifts.

Axedra's Story.

Let me tell you this story about the old guild mate I had, Maerel, he was a nice guy that used to love all kinds of rare items and trinkets. He’d spent hours and would jump through hoops to gather all that shit.

So this one evening during hallow’s end, he logs on and finds himself back in goldshire. The mail icon on his screen indicated he had a new letter and he decided to check it out before going tricky treating like he planned. There were new pets to gather, after all.

The letter read:

Hi Maerel!
I’ve found a way to get that hidden hallow’s end mount, just throw some of this candy at the Lich King during his fight in ICC 25 and he’ll drop it 100%!
Good luck!

Despite the letter missing a sender’s name, Maerel concluded it was probably from his buddy Othello, they had discussed hidden event mounts the other night and itt was so like him to send some magical mount candy in the letter’s attachments.

Maerel put the candy in his inventory, and then went back into the inn to get the tricky treats. He noticed a strange character standing in the corner, it looked like a random npc all dressed in black. Nothing out of the ordinary about that of course but it lacked a nametag and was standing so close to the wall that it almost went through it. Its hunched back was turned towards maerel and it was standing very still, as if it got stuck somehow.
As Maerel tried to mouse-over the character, his game froze. The sound was broken too, he noticed, as he heard a soft looping sound effect.

Thump sshh… Thump sshh...

It almost sounded like something being dragged across a floor.

His screen flashed from black to white and the game was unfrozen. The dark character was gone. Maerel shrugged and decided it was probably a glitch, a character from another zone that shouldn’t have been there and wondered where it had come from. He even toyed with the idea of going online outside the game, to see if others had seen it in different locations as well.

However, Hallow’s end wouldn’t last forever and Maerel wasn’t about to let this opportunity of a rare mount pass. After raiding the inn’s pumpkin, he made his way to the icy colds of Northrend.

Moving into Icecrown Citadel, Maerel noticed that the place was unusually quiet. The characters inside had all already been killed and for some reason, their corpses hadn’t vanished. It looked as though a raidparty had just ploughed through it.
Grumbling, Maerel moved back outside and started thinking, did he clear it already this week or did he forgot he extended it before or something?
He made sure he wasn’t in party, pressed “reset all instances” and went back in. The loading screen flickered from black to white and there was that weird thumping sound effect again, but after the entrance reappeared things looked normal again. Even the alliance npcs were back to life.
Maerel scratched his head, something about that irked him, but he proceeded to clear the instance anyway, no use wasting a good instance reset..

Things were easy these days, he remembered coming here when the content was current. Remembered how it felt to be careful and not trigger the guardian traps in the first few halls and having to clear entire rooms before engaging a boss. “Good times” he thought to himself while one-shotting everything in his path.
As he walked up to the gunship encounter, he was surprised to find the ship missing.
“What the hell is up with this game tonight?” Without a gunship there was no way to move forward, so Maerel paused and reloaded his ui before taking more drastic measures.

Instead of seeing the regular loading screen, his screen started flashing and he caught glimpses of the alliance gunship burning and falling from the sky. He could see the horde vessel in the distance and, in between the screen flashing as if the scene was being illuminated by lighting, a hunched dark figure standing silently on its deck. Why was it facing away from Maerel and the falling gunship?
The sound had gotten all wonky again too.

Thump sshh… Thump sshh...

Was it getting louder or was that just his imagination?

His screen flashed once more and then returned to normal. The gunship arrived to dock as if nothing had happened.
For a moment maerel just stood there, shaken by what he had seen. Was his pc malfunctioning? Should he unplug and let someone look at it before it burned to a crisp? Or maybe it was something in the raid that had been changed for hallow’s end?

It was probably the latter, he nodded reassuringly to himself.
No need to freak out, the pc is fine.

Valiantly, he stepped on the deck of the gunship. Prepared for more glitches or jumpscares he started the fight... but was relieved to find it played out as it had done a hundred times before. In fact, during the other boss encounters, saurfang, professor putricide and his “children” absolutely nothing happened out of the ordinary.
Maerel started to think he may have actually imagined things and felt himself falling back in the raid’s familiar routine, next up was the vampire queen’s lair.
He walked back into the circular room where the raid branched out between the various bosses and noticed the two valkyries that normally circled the room were both dead on the floor.
He was sure he did not kill them.
Upon closer inspection he found they had been decapitated and gutted. “Is this a new death animation?“ Maerel wondered, “It looks rather brutal, not to mention way too gorey.”
When he followed the bloodtrail with his eyes, Maerel saw a hunched dark figure on the other side of the room, limping slowly towards the opposite hallway, blood dripping from its hands. Confused by this sudden appearance of the unknown figure, maerel checked his ui for a clue about its identity.
“I’m pretty sure that thing is not supposed to be here… Why is there no goddamn name-tag?”
The creature was still slowly moving forward, it had an irregular step and seemed to drag one foot behind it.
As Maerel moused-over it for more info it suddenly turned its back towards him and stopped moving completely.
“Wha- what is wrong with that thing? why doesn’t it highlight when I mouse over it?” Maerel tried to move closer to select the creature but his screen was already frozen. The music had died and there was that horrible thumping sound effect again, sounding louder this time, no doubt about it...

Thump sshh… Thump sshh...

Suddenly his screen flashed and the figure was gone. The music returned to normal and Maerel was able to move his character again.
“Is this really part of the hallow’s end stuff?” Maerel shuddered and looked around, the valkyries were still dead but there was no sign of the hunched figure.
Maerel decided to press on, he’d not gone through all this weird crap to leave this raid halfway. Besides, there was this pet he had been after forever, that wouldn’t drop for him, so maybe he’d earned some goodwill from this buggy game tonight.
Coming through the rooms of the following bosses he found they had all already been killed and were lying unlootable, decapitated and gutted on the floor. Maerel sighed, “ugh, I’ve so had it with this weird shit, that lich king had better still be there and give me my mount”

Walking back into the circular room where the dead valkyries still lied, Maerel stopped and inspected the teleporter. It was active, the lich king was reachable. He took another look around the room, no dark figures. “This has been one trippy evening”
When he checked his bags to see if the special candy was still there, his mouse cursor rested on the heartstone next to it.
Maerel shook his head and stepped forward on the teleporter.

As he feared, there was no loading screen…. Just a pool of black so deep, he could almost see his own reflection. And that sound….

Thump sshh… Thump sshh...

As the throne room suddenly appeared, Maerel was relieved to see the familiar figure of the lich king still sitting on the throne.
The lich king looked much smaller than usual though. Maerel suddenly realised the -now almost familiar- sound effect hadn’t stopped
Thump sshh…
and was becoming faster and louder with every passing moment.

Thump sshh… Thump sshh...

Did the lich king always have a hunch? Maerel tried to move his character but his game was already frozen. His stomach turned as he saw that, not only was what he thought was the lich king actually the dark figure he had seen all night, it had started moving and turned slowly and unnaturally toward him.
Thump sshh…
The thumping sound effect was in sync with the creatures movements and was now so loud it was blocking out all other sounds in the room.

Thump sshh… Thump sshh...

A chill ran down Maerel’s spine as he felt his limbs become heavy and unresponsive, he could do nothing but wait for the creature to come closer and closer

Thump sshh… Thump sshh...

It was so close now he could almost touch it..

Thump sshh… Thump sshh...

He felt the cold, wet breath of the creature on the back of his neck and realised...

The sound was not coming from his computer...