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The Moonsong Codex

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The grinder glided over the blade eloquently, guided by the slim yet strong elven hand. It traced the curve in which the blade was forged, sharpening its edge as it went on. The sound of the stone touching metal was comforting, yet to untrained ear it would be irritating. The silvery eyes gazed forward, halting to look at the body that lay still before her.

Its skin was scarred, withered by the age. Her dark hair was short, unclean and gleaming in the evening light. The short horns had their tips cut off and before the eyes was the blindfold. The short tendrils landed on her bare shoulders. She was slim for a draenei, yet the body showed strength.

Strength that had failed her. The body was lifeless and the elf stared at the draenei with a grim smile.

“I had warned you,” said the elf, lifting the axe and pointing its tip at the corpse. “I warned you and yet you decided to do it.”

Watching the sharpened blade shine in the darkness, the kaldorei smiled and nodded. She laid it next to her and began to gather the rest of her equipment. “What should I tell them?” she inquired looking at the corpse again as if to wait for an answer. “That Aatu they once knew just managed to kill herself by walking to my axe? I doubt they would like that.”

She leaned forward, resting her hands on her knees and glared at the corpse. “I will leave you here and they will find you, if they look for you. Yet they will never know who did this to you, and I will be safe. And even if they did, I can only claim that it was self defence.”

“I will take your place amongst them. They will not notice.” she grinned. “Or they will and start to question me, but they will receive no answer that would satisfy their thirst of knowledge.”

She stood up from the bench, lifting up the heavy satchel as she did and strapped it at her back with a low grunt. She reached down to take hold of her axe and she glanced at the corpse again. “You draenei are foolish, you know?” she smirked. “You do not belong here, and that is a fact.”

Gazing at the night sky, she smiled as she saw the moon shining brightly above them. Inclining her head to the goddess, she turned around and stepped forward, but she didn’t go further. She glanced over her shoulder at the corpse and glared at it. “I will tell them what they need to know, don’t you worry. They will know of your death soon enough and I will say that the Scourge did it. They can’t question that, can they?”

“After all they’ve infested this place with their foul stench,” she grunted and she let out a sharp whistle while peering around. She smiled faintly as the wintersaber came to her. Burying her fingers in his bristly mane, she embraced the being for a moment before heaving herself on the saddle. For one last time she looked at the corpse and grinned, raising her hand to bid it a farewell. “It was nice knowing you, Aatu. Rest well.”

Formerly known as Aatu
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