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[The Ebon Redemption] Chapter Five: The Frostwing Halls

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 5:07 pm    Post subject: [The Ebon Redemption] Chapter Five: The Frostwing Halls Reply with quote

"Frostwing Halls. The last corner of Icecrown Citadel that stood between the army and the Lich King. Despite the incredible amount of lives the assault on the Citadel has claimed, the soldiers marched on with grim determination, knowing that if they failed there that day, no one would be safe anymore.

The initial assault on the Frostwing Halls was lead by none other than Crok Scourgebane, champion of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Rumours had it he volunteered willingly, having a personal score to settle with the guardian valkyr of the Halls, Sister Svalna. The charge against the denizens of Frostwing Halls was slower than expected, as the army underestimated the valkyr’s powers. Half of Scourgebane’s captains died in the assault, until the valkyr was finally put down.

The army was in a very bad shape, but could not afford to rest and wait for reinforcements, for they were on a rescue mission. Scouts have reported that Scourge necromancers were working hard-pressed to break the will of a mighty green dragon and reanimate her as a frost wyrm. Preventing that would deprive Arthas of a mighty ally, while the soldiers would gain one. The battle for the soul of Valithria Dreamwalker was a bloody one, for the undead were willing to do anything to stop the army from denying them their prize. It was only thanks to the tireless efforts of priests and healers of the Ashen Verdict and Ebon Flame that the mighty wyrm escaped the foul Frostwing Halls.

After Valithria was saved and reiforcements have arrived, the army was ready to take on Sindragosa, Queen of the Frostborn. Once a mighty blue dragon and prime consort of Malygos himself, Sindragosa died alone and forgotten in the icy plains of Northrend only to be reawakened by the Lich King ten thousand years later. The frostwyrm felt nothing but seething hatred towards everything alive, the sole purpose of her accursed undeath being destruction.

The road to Sindragosa itself was fraught with peril as the undead managed to ambush the army on its way to her perch. The ambush was a sign of desperation, something that did not elude the notice of the commanding tacticians. The Lich King was feeling the noose tightening around his neck.

The battle against Sindragosa would prove to be the most daunting one yet to the army. While most soldiers were veterans of many wars, few could claim they had any experience in dragonslaying. The task to coordinate the battle against the Frost Queen would fall to the Order of the Ebon Flame. Even so, the frost wyrm put up a terrible fight. Once a blue dragon, she had absolute command over the arcane and she was eager to put her skills to the test. Many spellcasters died on the spot as they attempted to outsmart Sindragosa in magical combat. This was a battle won by cold, hard steel and the Order knew that. As soon as the magic-wielders were put on supporitve roles, the battle was turning in the army’s favour. Even so Sindragosa proved to be dangerous enemy. But the Order was famous for its dragslaying skills, skills that helped them gain the upper hand. In the end the combined might of the Alliance, the Ashen Verdict and the Ebon Flame was too much even for the mighty Sindragosa.

With her death, the last of Shadowmourne’s powers were be obtained. As Seja Victrix etched the final runes of frost into the axe’s blade, using the very shards from the Twisting Nether that Kil’jaeden used when he created the Frozen Throne, she knew she could keep the weapon no longer a secret. The creation of a weapon that would mimic Frostmourne caused uproar within the ranks of the Argent Crusade and both Morgraine and Victrix were dismissed as foolish and reckless. Only the looming threat of the Lich King kept the army from splintering and even then, Highlord Fordring forbid that Shadowmourne take part in the battle, out of fear of creating a second Lich King. Only after the performance of a complex magical failsafe ritual – suggested by Lady Heba and Professor Felsapper of the Ebon Flame – would Fordring grudgingly accept the aid of Seja Victrix and her powerful new weapon.

Nothing stood in the way of marching to the top of the Spire and confront the Lich King at the very place he was created: the Frozen Throne itself. For two years the war against the Lich King has lasted, the most brutal, most bloody war in mortal memory. Each and every one of the soldiers had someone to mourn and someone to fight for. The soldiers of Alliance and Horde, of the Ashen Verdict, of the Order of the Ebon Flame were ready to face the enemy that has caused them so much suffering. The Free People of Azeroth stood ready to face the enemy of all life, they were ready to fight for their very existenec. They were ready."

-excerpt from the Ebon Archives
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