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Xidos - RP/Social application

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:47 am† †Post subject: Xidos - RP/Social application Reply with quote

1. Character name, class, current main/off-spec, and level.
Xidos is a hunter, currently very low leveled. Will however be leveling up quick with all his inherited items.

2. Character background: Xidos is a pretty laid back person. Always friendly and helpful. Not in the mornings though. Mornings are bad. Xidos is also very old. Heís still struggling with the fact that heís a mortal now. Aging is not something he likes. During the War of the Ancients Xidos was just a foot soldier trying to serve his race as much as he could. After all these years this is still what he wants.

3. Why do you wish to join Ebon Flame? Iím looking for a roleplaying guild that consists of people who are nice and normal. I play this game for fun. I dislike being in a guild with unfriendly or childish people. Not that Iím very serious. Iím fun.

4. Recommendations: Iím afraid I donít know anyone in EF.

5. Previous membership of other guilds: My main is also called Xidos. Heís a hunter on Turalyon. Weíve killed 8/8 heroic and are now on a very laid back raiding schedule.

6. General Experience: Iíve been playing WoW since day 2. Day 1 the servers where down and I couldnít register. I was pissed.

7. RL age bracket: Iím 28.

8. Internet Connection/Computer Performance: Iím on a fiberwire connection and I bought a new computer about 5 months back. Works great when raiding.

9. I have been playing Xidos for a long long time. I started playing on Argent Dawn, which is an RP realm. I always liked playing on an RP server. When raiding on AD died, I was forced to transfer to a normal server. I miss playing in a guild that also has some RP. I chose the Ebon Flame because itís a raiding guild, even tho I donít want to raid. Weird huh! Actually it makes a lot of sense. I found out that people who manage to kill heroic bosses are usually more social and nicer than the random RP guild.
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