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The Ebon Hub: A basic guide.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:43 am Post subject: The Ebon Hub: A basic guide. Reply with quote

Proper use of this forum:
This board is run by and owned by Ebon Flame. It is a privately owned server which houses this forum and as such, the owner and management of the guild are fully within their rights to remove anyone or anything from this, without prior warning should the content breach the guidelines.

This forum is not a recruiting pool for Ebon Flame, or any other participating guild/group. Anyone using it as such to suggest/actually carry out poaching will simply be removed.

Note: A guild member/community members actions could reflect on the entire group so don't allow the actions of one person to spoil it for the rest

In order to use the actual Hub forum, you MUST register here. Use the Registration guide for a clearer look.
Please Note: You MUST create an account on this website in order for me to be able to process you. Just being a guest doesn't work.
The purpose of this public section of our forum is to allow open and useful communications between the affiliated groups.
The face of Warcraft is changing again, becoming much more open.
With the arrival of cross realms technologies and merged realms, the smaller realms, like ours, Moonglade, face a double-edged sword.
On the one hand, it could bolster our population to unknown proportions. On the other, it could introduce a sea of predatory new guilds who simply seek to harvest for themselves. That is the single largest threat a guild of any size and age can face.
Through the proper use of this forum, it is my goal to create a hub, where our friends outside Ebon Flame can speak with us, arrange events with us and generally enjoy a much richer experience. Perhaps along the way, it even saves a small guild here and there from eradication due to dwindling numbers or helps you find a new home if you did see the loss of your own.
We are all familiar with the hilarity of trying to "pug" people to make events happen and while it works sometimes, it also introduces us to some award-winning Boneheads and the stupidity and hassle they usually bring. This project offers an instant buffer to this problem.

What kind of things do we use this project for?
While Ebon Flame maintains its own internal affairs and successful raid teams, this project is aimed at the less formal stuff. Alt runs, transmog runs and general "stuff" that folks love to do, be it from PvP to legacy runs.
If you are trying to plug a hole in an official run for your guild, please feel free to post it here. Outside help beats a failed evening every time. RP events shown where the people who need to see it can? Here.

What is considered acceptable conduct on this forum?
Well, that's common sense really. Abuse has a zero-tolerance response here, as does offensive language/attitude.
While in this house, you will keep it civil or you will get out. It is that simple and it is set in stone.
Please try to limit the "leet speak" to a non-existent level too. The majority here is an adult and as such, wish to be conversed with as such.

Who is allowed/supposed to be using this project?
Basically the friends of the guild Ebon Flame. You need to have been referred here by somebody "in the know", be that one of Ebon Flame or one of her affiliated friends, likely already in here.
Random spammers or trolls should be aware. When you post on here, the management can see and follow an IP address so, identification of a repeat offender and a good, hard smack with the Ban Hammer is completely a reality. That is fair warning, right there.

I'm in a small guild and I know you guys. How do I know this isn't a veiled recruitment drive?
Fair point and it deserves a fair answer. You don't. You have to take us at our word for this one.
People can find our site and our people very easily and can just as easily make an application, regardless of this project or not. We will not actively use this for that purpose. If somebody involved on the outside of Ebon Flame decides that they want to put themselves forward, that is entirely their choice. Not ours.

Who polices this project?
Ebon Flame does. I do. While individual events/raids and such fall under the grasp of the event leader, it is myself who watches, who reads and who decides when something is in breach, along with my fellow officers in Ebon Flame.

Can I post my events up here?
That is the idea, yes. Please do avoid making multiple threads for the same thing and of course, use sense when posting an event. It makes no sense at all to post it an hour before the event and then rage when nobody shows up. Give it a week or so for people to read and digest.

Does being a presence here get me into that larger forum for Ebon Flame that I cannot enter?
No, I'm afraid not. Those are the guild forums and for the guild only. The only way in is to actually be in Ebon Flame.
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