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Pixyness - Preist - Holy/Shadow

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 3:22 am Post subject: Pixyness - Preist - Holy/Shadow Reply with quote

  1. Character name, class, current main/off-spec, and level: Pixyness - Priest - Shadow/Holy

  2. Character background: I was torn from the twisted nether; an utter tortured existence and trapped into the body of a Gnome of loving and adorable nature.

  3. Preferred role in raids: Preferably I am a protective warrior, but alas I am a scantly clad cloth wearing priest so I am happy healing or burning holes in monsters.

  4. Why do you wish to join Ebon Flame? I would love to be apart of a community again. I have been away from WoW for a good while...normally I played on US but as I am currently in country flux I am on EU now. I know no one other then Zert the adorable Gnome that has taken my fancy.

  5. Recommendations: My only recommendation is Zert. Other then him I am utterly alone on EU, all of the people I know are on US. A fellow active player I know very well would be Osatox, I do not know his currently realm but he is the only Osatox I know and he often streams and such if you feel you need to ask someone about me.

  6. Previous membership of other guilds: On US I was in a few guilds from one server called Smolderthorn.

    BC: I started on Alliance and found a guild and stayed with them worked with them raided and help teach people and did regular progression. I left the guild on bad terms due to the 'leaders' of the guild. The person who started the guild was hardly on and when he came on always expected a raid spot basically forcing us to fit around him when he was not prepared. His 'girlfriend' also caused issue because I was a threat to her relationship some how. I never said anything to her significant other and I was focus on my place as a raid leader and main tank. I didn't need the drama.

    Wraith: I join another alliance guild after not being in one for awhile, I joined them at the start of wraith in the middle of the night while leveling in dragonblight alone. I came across some fellow players who were very nice and I made a wonderful home in that guild. I had so many friends and I still talk to a few to this day. We raided semi-casually and I was a solid part of the group. The guild sort of dissolved for some reason I am not clear on but people sort of left due to IRL dramas? Other then that we were very tight knit group and the people I met there lead me to the next guild for the rest of my WoW time untill I quit at the start of Cata.

    Ulduars end into Icecrown: I had now switched to Horde side, I transferred my character Pixyness over to an Undead Warrior. I joined my friends that I knew via a voip server I used with my Alliance guild, they were Horde and used our server too as they use to be alliance also. As I lost my guild on Alliance and was all alone I moved sides (or server was relatively dead as some big raiding guilds from both sides left the server making us very low pop) Everyone knew everyone, unfortunately out guild on Horde didn't last long as the people who ran it left WoW. We then joined a friends guild and I help lead with them and we recruited and had many people raiding with us ( on our small server we were in the top 5 on the server for raiding) I lead my own 10 man and we often had 25s . I did hard mode with my 10 man and our 25 man got mounts. It was the best time in WoW other then when I first started a warrior the year WoW came out. (i didn't get to experience vanilla to 60 due to IRL)

    Cata to Panda: I didn't play much on US for Cata only a little bit. On EU I played Cata with Zert in United Exiles we did some raids I don't remember much of. We had fun for the small time we played and now I am looking forward to WOD ( I played little Pandaria because its not my thing)

  7. General Experience: WoW: I have lead raids countless times as well as been an officer and leader of a few guilds. I prefer to keep out of 'politics' and avoid drama because it is a plague on good people trying to enjoy themselves.

    GW2: I played Guild Wars 2 for the start and I have only been in 2 guilds there. The first was The Roman Legion and after a few blissful weeks it came to an end with a coup of the leader. He was insulting people on battle grounds and also verbally abusing his officers. The majority of the active people sided with the officer that was abused because he and the others were very tight we all made a new guild called Echo. Echo was and is great to this say we were part of the top 3 server battle groups and had great fun. The server started to die when other guilds left for other servers (some weird migration in GW2 I guess?) But Echo is still strong. I hear the leader (the officer I that was abused) took on a god complex and left the guild after people no longer talked to him. Everyone else has mostly stayed in that guild along with myself and I am in good contact with my friends there on Facebook and what nots.

    Others I also play an array of games on Steam, Dota 2 and TF2 along with CS:GO but I am not in any 'guilds' per say only play with friends. I also have a long list of half played games. I was very heavy into Battlefield: Bad Comapany 2 and was in a group called OldGuys (EU) and I worked a night job in the US at the time so EU hours worked great and stayed with them until I stopped playing Battlefield: BC2 and I also played Battlefield Play4Free. The only reason I am not with them now is due to the fact they have members fees. This is also where I met Zert.

  8. Raiding Experience: I have lead raids myself from 10 to 25 as well as assist. I have been main tank, off tank, and dps. I dont think you can look up my charater on US but if you can its Pixyness - Smolderthorn - Goblin. I did most of my raiding in Wraith as I only started WoW back up near the end of BC due to IRL things. I do know tactics and love a challenge when its with good people who enjoy is just as much.

  9. RL age bracket: 27

  10. WoW Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/moonglade/Pixyness/advanced

  11. Main and Off-Specs: Holy is set as main and shadow is my technical off...I am a little gun shy on healing as I don't know how well I do, I mostly was a warrior tank though out my WoW time. I don't know why I went Priest on EU Razz

  12. Raiding Intentions: I would love to see content but I am not someone who is ready to be considered a hardcore raider. I have been there done that. I would love to be apart of a reliable casual group who just have fun. (I would love to raid some but its not my main focus IRL comes first for me)

  13. Addons: alot...(bartenter, mogit, icehud, altaholic, gird, dbm, miks battle text, mage nuggets, omen, postal, prat, quarts, sexy map, titan panel, x-pearl)

  14. Voice Communications: I know my way around Vent, Team Speak, Skype and Raidcall

  15. Internet Connection/Computer Performance: Good gaming PC and 120 meg Virgin Media connection

  16. The Bonus Question: Do I ask this question or do you?

    *side note: I am loyal to people, I am someone who loves to help and enjoy my time. I love to do achievements and play about. I am not someone who likes an elitest mentality overly much but I can and have put up with it. I hate drama, epcially guild related because I have seen it so many times in places I love. I have seen friends guilds destroyed by it and I am one to not partake in it.

    I had to deal with it myself when I was in a guild that dissolved (not due to just drama more people going to focus on IRL more) but we had an incident where a husband and wife joined our established guild and brought their guild with them. There were only 12 of them maybe if that. The husband and wife +1 other wanted to all be officers in our guild. We allowed it but his wife made issues appear with people due to superficial things (this was a mostly adult guild) so if someone said something adult she would get offended in the most over proportionate of ways by demoting people and not allowing them to speak. Also the same went for Ventriol, and when we had dedicated channels for people who wanted to talk without filters she would join them and then get upset at a topic or took offence to something someone said our of context. We handled the situation by talking it over with them. The husband didn't want to leave the guild but understood this issue and would go where his wife went, the remainder of their guild mostly stayed with us. Not a happy time and why I consider drama and arguing a pointless exercise.

    Thanks for reading my spotty remembrance thought my WoW time, hehe.

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