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Monthius, Feral/Guardian Druid

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2014 8:53 pm Post subject: Monthius, Feral/Guardian Druid Reply with quote

Character name, class, current main/off-spec, and level: Monthius, Druid Feral/Guardian, 100

[*]Character background: One of the early apprentices of Shan'do Stormrage. Also one of the first Feral Druids. In his younger days, he was a stubborn one and despite all the warnings of his Shan'do he refused to practice druidic healing magic. He completely focused his training on shapeshifting. He developed a bond with ferocious animal spirits and learned from them. His denial of healing magic costed him dearly though, he lost a childhood friend of his in the Hyjal War against Burning Legion and Archimonde because of not being able to heal. He still insists that he is not using any healing magic, but he started to learn it's basics to prevent any similiar tragic event. He had small antlers growing on his forehead as a sign of his vast potential, but he cut them off and burned their roots to prevent them from growing again as a reminder of his failure.

[*]Preferred role in raids: DPS. But I can switch to Guardian also.

[*]Why do you want to join Ebon Flame? I've been with you guys for years, but by my own fault I broke a guild rule unintentionally and got kicked. Now I'm willing to make amends and be a part of the guild again, if you have me.


[*]Previous membership of other guilds: Legion of Cenarius, Primigenia, Method, Suffragium

[*]General Experience: Playing WoW since EU Beta. Because of my job, I'm spending most of my time playing video games, and tried most of the other MMOs in the market.

[*]Raiding Experience: I was a hardcore raider through vanilla, TBC and WotLK. After Cataclysm, I started raiding casually.

[*]RL age bracket: 26-30

[*]WoW Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/moonglade/Monthius/simple

[*]Main and Off-Specs: I've raided as a tank and off-tank most of the TBC and early WotLK. Then I switched my main spec to Feral and playing Feral since then.

[*]Raiding Intentions: I would like to join the regular raids as much as I can, although it could be hard to make it to all of them. So I would like to list myself as a reserve raiding member or something.

[*]Addons: Yep. Been using them for years...

[*]Internet Connection/Computer Performance: Yes, both my connection and my computer are reliable and hi-end.

[*]The Bonus Question:

I really enjoy being part of the Ebon Flame, so please take me back, guys?
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