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Mycka Restoration Shaman Application 110

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:25 am† †Post subject: Mycka Restoration Shaman Application 110 Reply with quote

  1. Character name, class, current main/off-spec, and level:

    Mycka, Shaman, Main Spec-Restoration. Off Spec Enhancement.

  2. Character background:

    I started playing The World of Warcraft in Vanilla I started when raiding guilds were just starting in BWL. I managed to join some old school PUGS and cleared Zulgurub before the TBC expansion hit. During Vanilla I was in an RP guild called Aes Sidhe I enjoyed the experience of RP whilst levelling it was good fun. At the start of TBC I started to play the game a lot more and had some RL friends who were into raiding. I joined their guild with my then main. A protection spec warrior called Mycky. The guild I joined was Evolution. We cleared most of the TBC content apart from Sunwell where people had pretty much burnt out by then! It was my best time in WoW a great expansion and I had great times in Evolution. In WOTLK a lot of the guys in Evolution stopped playing It was at this time I started playing on my shaman and raided with a guild set up by Foucault called Sound of Shadows it was a small 10man guild. We managed to get the LK down on 10 man heroic which was a lot of fun and an intense fight. Since WOTLK I still bought the expansions but didnít have the same experience I had with WoW in those early days. Which brings me to the current expansion. I have my love back for the game! I am enjoying the way Blizzard have revamped the content and it has started being fun again. I still have characters in Evolution but hardly anyone is online these days. My shaman is in a social raiding guild called Zero Tolerance I am applying to Ebon Flame because I want to experience more of the end game again. I want to try my healing skills in Heroic raids and if I feel I am good enough then push for the Mythic content. I feel your stability as a guild proves that you are structured correctly and will offer a great home for my characters where I can get to know new people and enjoy my WoW time as part of a good community.

  3. Preferred role in raids:

    Restoration Shaman, Happy to play enhancement if required.

  4. Why do you wish to join Ebon Flame?

    I think I covered that in my opening waffle. see above.

  5. Recommendations:

    None I am afraid.

  6. Previous membership of other guilds:

    Aes Sidhe Vanilla Wow
    Evolution - TBC
    Sound of Shadows - WOTLK
    Zero Tolereance - Legion

  7. General Experience:

    I have 3 Level 110 characters at present.

    Protection warrior - Mycky
    Restoration Druid - Veren
    Restoration Shaman- Mycka. He has both main and offspec Artifact traits at 35. I will be using AP to push on through the paragon system for Resto spec. I have done some Mythic + content up to 9. I enjoy this aspect and would like to continue progressing through this content.

  8. Raiding Experience:

    Vanilla - ZG
    TBC - Upto Sunwell
    WOTLK ICC Heroic
    Cata - LFR
    MoP - LFR
    WoD - LFR
    Legion - EN Normal With Guild. Heroic with Pugs.
    ToV First two bosses on normal.

  9. RL age bracket:

    Hmm I am about to hit the big 40 in April..

  10. WoW Armory link:


  11. Main and Off-Specs:

    Resto- Main
    Enhancement- Offspec

  12. Raiding Intentions:

    I am a shift worker so itís difficult to say exactly when I am available. The only times I wouldnít be able to raid is when I am on nights. My cycle is roughly 2 days 2 nights then four off.

  13. Addons: I have all addons needed for raids and some that help me keep ahead of the current exorbitant material prices needed for raiding.. (Postal and auction addons!)

  14. Voice Communications: Yup I have pretty much every type of voice comms installed.

  15. Internet Connection/Computer Performance: Decent PC with stable unternet.

  16. The Bonus Question:
    I bring an awareness of whats going on around me. I know that as a healer you can get very tunnelled into keeping people alive but I think more importantly is seeing what is going on around you and reacting to it using the tools you have at your disposal.

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