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PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:47 pm Post subject: Application Reply with quote

Moni - The Noble & Defender of a Shattered World, level 110 Priest

Hello, I am Moni, a strong Human Holy Priest, my off-spec is Shadow, wich I use when I do my world quests or any other quests, or when I need to help somebody out who is in danger and need my help. Currently I activated my third spec, wich is discipline and I must say, its a good healing and damage spec. I like it, but Holy will always be mine main spec, I just love to heal.

Moni is a very helpfull woman, who wants to help everybody who is in need of help and I mean, really in need, she is known as a great healer on DarkmoonFaire, some other realms have met her too, because you can meet others today, that was not in the "old days". She is very friendly, but if you want to mess with her, she will not except that and will let you know. If you need any gem's from the Jewelcrafting proffesion, she can help, but only for guildmembers and if you ask it polite.

What do I like about Ebon Flames? Well, I met some people of Ebon Flame, very nice people.
We did some world quests and mythic dungeons and some battlegrounds together, I did enjoy that very much with them. They told me something about their guild, about the rules and the mature environment, and the strong communication wich I prefer. So yes its very interesting.
At the moment Moni is searching for a new raiding group, because she got a job in real life shortly and cant raid anymore with the guild she is in at the moment on DarkmoonFaire. Since she is very interested in Ebon Flame, she applied to this one, even it is on another realm, but she has strong feelings, this guild will be the good one for her and hope Ebon Flame will think the same of her.

The preferred role in raids will be healer if possible, but can do dps as well, as my off-spec is well geared too for raids.

I know some people of Ebon Flame, that is Solmund and Ionius, think they will vouch for my awesomeness, I hope Wink

If I come to your guild and getting in for raids, I never will go to other raids from other guilds, that is against my own roles, that will be rude.

I started playing WoW, like 9 years ago, it was 2008, a druid was my first char; Ranomi, still have her, she was a great healer in the early days, starting to lern healing with her in The Outlands and Northrend, now I prefer my priest for the healing and the dps, suits me better these days.
I tried some other MMO's, but didnt like them, Wow is much better and the playing style is better then any other MMO. Even the whole world, the different zones etc. is much better then other MMO.
I am online everyday on WoW, doing worldquests, update my proffs, doing events, the weekly ones, or playing battlegrounds, and gear up my char as high as possible, that is my goal and ofc. the sociaal talking with guildmembers, also very important.

My raiding experience, that will be "Chamber of the Avatar on Normale, that was 11/7/17, I tried some pugs to kill Killjaeden, but didnt succeed with pugs, as they are only trolling arround and shouting to eachother, kids, but I want Killjaeden to get down, so I take the shouting kids etc for granded. Couldnt do it, still need to kill him on normale.

So, my real age, well I am 55, a mum from 2 kids, a daughter who is 19 and a son who is 24, my son invited me in WoW, 9 years ago and I am still playing and like it. I am divorced.....maybe not neccesary to tell that, but sometimes you need it to tell people...

WoW armory isnt updated sometimes, I discovered that some years ago, maybe its better these days, but I will log out with my raidig gear.

My experience with my current spec are very good, I know how to play my Priest in Holy, in raids I focus on the tank, have an awesome healing spell, wich I have used on several tanks and save them from death my "Holy Word Serenity". Can heal the whole raid too, with combinations of 2 spells, sometimes with 3, when not on cooldown. I use Healbot, wich is very usefull for me to heal fast and often.
I can play my offspec Shadow very good too, know how to play it and give lots of damage with mindfly and other spells, its well geared too for raids.
I can play my 3rd spec, but still need to understand it spells to get a higher healing result and a very good damage result. Working on that.

My raiding intentions are to raid on Sundays and Mondays, wich team that will be, I dont know yet, starting maybe in a B team, see how it goes. I am a person who's intention is to raid with the A team, wanna raid with the best. For me it is more experiences to get and to get better by lerning from the best.

Addons are a must, without them there is no going, have DBM, Healbot, Skada Damage Meter and some other for proffs and bags and bank. I know how to use them and update them with Twitch.

Voice-comms are very important, I have several on my pc, mumble is one too, I will use it ofc.

My internet is stable and reliable, my pc is strong enough to handle raids, my FPS is always between 80 or 100. Why should I be not honest, I mean, this is a new start for me in a brand new guild who are on Moonglade for ages, so sure I am honest! I hate people who arent honest.

So, the bonus question:

The most important thing I bring to a raid is surely my present, my laugh, maybe my shout when the basterd is killed ;p. My persistence to carry on, make people to keep going to get done where we came for, even if it is hard to do. my lovely dress ;D

Best Regards,

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:20 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

I've spent time with Moni on different occasions, either obliterating the Murloc Freedom grounds with other guildies, random bg's or running Mythic+'s or just wq's - she's always prepared and putting it all in.

And besides that, a pleasant spirit.

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Captain of the Flame

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:18 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Moni. Please find me in-game for a chat. My battletag is Verannion#2954.
Any man's death diminishes me, because I am invested in humanity, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee - John Donne
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