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Vilhandra - Druid Resto/Balance/Guardian - lvl110 +

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 8:03 pm    Post subject: Vilhandra - Druid Resto/Balance/Guardian - lvl110 + Reply with quote

Hello Everyone

  1. Character name, class, current main/off-spec, and level:
    The character I'd like to apply with is Vilhandra on Moonglade. I'm a druid that's been boosted to lvl 110 and I'm leveling it. My main spec would be restoration, but I don't mind to go boomkin or guardian either.

  2. Character background:
    As I said it's a fresh character, I have a Horde druid that I use to main for 10 years with 185days played: Kaelish-Skullcrusher. So you could say I have some history with the class.

  3. Preferred role in raids:
    I like playing caster dps, healing and tanking. Melee dps is not for me in pve.

  4. Why do you wish to join Ebon Flame?
    My wife and I were raiding on Skullcrusher Horde with friends that we are playing with for a long time with on and off... I say on and off as people tend the all come back at a start of an expansion and then disappear again... :D I've been listening and talking with Heba and I think me and my wife (Isary) would be happy in your guild. We like progress raiding and mythics (+), and we're looking for a community friendly environment, where people use common sense and have fun, instead of going crazy hardcore. We're both in our 30's so the time for playing 12h a day has long passed, we're rather looking for meaningful stuff to do in game, while still having fun.

  5. Recommendations:

  6. Previous membership of other guilds:
    Order of the Hammer-Shattered Hand-Allience
    Vulgar Display of Power-Talnivarr-Horde
    Fluffy Bunny Brigade-Shadowmoon-Allience

  7. General Experience:
    I've been playing from classic and played every expansion with the occasional small break.

    Classic + TBC: Warlock Destruction & Afflication Vilhandra-ShatteredHand
    WotLK+Cata+Pandaria+Dreanor:Druid Restoration Kaelish-Skullcrusher
    Pandaria:Warrior Protection Vilhandra-Shadowmoon
    Legion + BFA: Mage Frost & Fire Jellall-Shadowmoon & Viani-Skullcrusher

    Also played some other games, like SWTOR, Destiny2 where I raided. Next to WoW I enjoy grand strategy games and single player games like Skyrim,GTA,CIV,AoW,...

  8. Raiding Experience:
    I've raided every expansion, though I skipped some raid tiers.
    Raiding is for me a nice cooperative challenge and I enjoy it very much.
    I've done all classic content in classic, stopped raiding mid tier in TBC, done all WotLK content Heroic, done first tier heroic raids in Cata & then took a break. Picked up raiding again at the end of Pandaria.
    I got every Ahead of the Curve from Siege of Oggrimar and onwards.
    Did most of my mythic raiding in Draenor, where I got enough of it. :D
    Cleared the current raid tier on my mage on normal and heroic.

    Raided as a healer, caster dps and main tank.

  9. RL age bracket:

  10. WoW Armory link:


  11. Main and Off-Specs:
    Restoration/Balance/Guardian - don't have an objection to any.

  12. Raiding Intentions:
    As I'm still leveling, I'm aware that I'm not geared on this character yet. But I don't mind going through some social raids and pugs to gear my character. When you consider me ready, I would like to join the heroic raid team and dabble in some early mythic bosses. As long as it's in good fun.

    I'm good with the raiding schedule, I'm consultant so sometimes I need to travel for work, in those cases I'll notify an officer in front about my absence.

  13. Addons:
    WeakAura - follow those buffs/procs/skill refreshes!
    DBM - boss ability timers
    Details! - dps meter
    Some other stuff too that is cosmethic Smile

  14. Voice Communications:
    Yes! Discord or anything else is fine Smile

  15. Internet Connection/Computer Performance:
    200MBPS Connection/ i5 + 16 gb ram + 8gb graphs card. Don't have any issues running the game in raids or dungeons.

  16. The Bonus Question:
    Next to hots or dots ... Razz I'd say i'll bring patience and some comedic relief Smile I don't want give the cliché answer about years and years of raiding experience ... if you give me an opportunity, you'll be the judge of that anyway Smile

    I have one request: Isary and me prefer to play together, so if there isn't any spot for the both us, we don't mind to sit both out. We got 4 children in the house and we like to maximise our time together when they are in bed :D

    Thanks for your time already and kind regards

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 8:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I also vouch for this one personally. The other half to Isary. Excellent people. 10/10, would gank again.
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