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Application to Ebon Flame

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 7:47 pm Post subject: Application to Ebon Flame Reply with quote

Sassuna, Hunter, Marksmanship/no off-spec, 120

Character background: I am applying for raiding.

Sassuna is a Pandaren, who never had any contact with the rest of Azeroth until Alliance and Horde brought their war to Pandaria. At the beginning she was aghast with the war that Pandaria got pulled into but with time she saw that there is more to the world then Pandaria. As she was getting into contact with both Horde and Alliance she started being more and more curious about Azeroth in general. She wanted to explore the world and see what is out there, but who to join? She couldn't really decide until...

Why do you wish to join Ebon Flame? What attracted you to the guild and what do you expect to find here? What do you believe makes you unique in what you can offer to the guild?

I am looking for a guild where I can do primarily PvE content in a friendly environment and I heard that Ebon Flame is a great place for that :D I am a friendly player who doesn't mind to help others and jump in when it is needed. I also have a lot of raiding experience from SWTOR, where I was raiding the for a couple of years on the the level equivalent to Mythic in WoW.

Preferred role in raids: DPS, I love playing Marksmanship Hunter. In time I will explore other DPS classes and maybe some healing classes also. In general I do not mind healing but DPS is my first love.

Recommendations: Luccratia

Previous membership of other guilds:

Gizka in SWTOR but guild is currently inactive, without any plans to reform or me going back to that game. I am committed to WoW in the long run.

Whack a Gnome on Stormreaver. It is a tiny guild of six friends who do not play very often. That is why I am looking for a more active guild and that is why I would like to join Ebon Flame.

General experience:
I started playing WoW when corona hit, in March and I have fallen i love with it.

I have played SWTOR from 2011 to 2015 when I stopped but I came back in 2018 for 9 months. I was a member of Gizka. It was a raiding guild, we were doing Mythic equivalent raids and back in it's time we did a server first back in the day on Progenitor on the raid called Dread Palace. For a month I topped DPS charts on the Jedi Guardian.

I like to do primarily PvE content with an occasional PvP on the side. Dungeons and raids and I must say that I love Horrific visions.
When did you start playing WoW; have you played other MMOs? What is it you like to do in WoW, on a day-by-day/week-by-week basis?

Raiding experience: The thing is that I have a lot of raiding experience in SWTOR but not in WoW. I like to do more challenging content but I need a guild where I can learn it in a friendly atmosphere. I do not feel comfortable puging raids and Mythic dungeons and that is why I would like to join Ebon Flame.

RL age bracket: 31+

WoW Armory link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/stormreaver/sassuna

Main and off-specs: I love Marksmanship Hunter. I could play Survival, but I would rather not, for me it doesn't feel like a well thought through spec. I dislike Beastmastery and I will not play that spec.

Raiding intentions: I have no preferences for now. I would just like to learn the ropes for now, whenever that is possible. For the future, I cannot say in this moment.

Addons: do you understand how to use addons such as DBM? I do

Voice communications: I do, it is necessary for raiding.

Internet connection/computer performance: My connection is stable and PC strong enough.

The bonus question:

A) For the raiders: I am willing to listen and learn. I am patient. I do not mind wipe fests as long as the group is working well together and is learning from the experience.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 27, 2020 6:18 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Sasuna,

Thank you for applying to Ebon Flame, we will get back at you with a couple of days.

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