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[The Ebon Redemption] Chapter Four: The Crimson Halls

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:57 pm    Post subject: [The Ebon Redemption] Chapter Four: The Crimson Halls Reply with quote

"The next stage of the assault would be the invasion of the Crimson Halls, home of the san’layn. These vampiric beings were once blood elves and now served as the Lich King’s most trusted lieutenants. They were lead by former sindorei champion, Lana’thel now their fearsome Blood Queen.

The Crimsons Halls were as beautiful as they were deadly. Even in undeath, the sindorei’s sense for aesthetics have not left them as they adorned their lair with fine silken tapestry and delicate carpets. The denizen of the Crimson Halls, however, were far less hospitable. The san’layn were a wicked and twisted race, who took extreme joy in taking the life of mortal beings. The more they killed, the more they embraced the life essences of their preys, the more powerful they became.

But the true extent of their power became only apparent when the army was pitted against the Blood Council. Three of the most powerful san’layn awaited the champions, all three who were believed dead, slain during the war against the Scourge. However, death is never certain in the Lich King’s domain. The Blood Princes, now empowered by a powerful artifact called the Darkfallen Orb, were a formidable threat to the army. However, thanks to the cunning and keen eyes of Ebon Flame spellcasters it was soon discovered that while the Darkfallen Orb grants the Blood Princes formidable powers, it was also a weakness to them. Exploiting this weakness was the key in defeating the vampires.

Their mistress, Blood Queen Lana’thel proved to be a more capable foe. Once a legend amongst the high elves, her form was twisted by Arthas after the Prince Kael’thas’s catastrophic campaign against him. She struck at the army with the power of blood itself, twisting the life-essence of the soldiers to do her bidding. Her lust for blood became apparent when she would start throwing herself at soldiers, sinking her fangs deep into their necks, eagerly sucking on their blood. By doing so she also put a curse on them that gave them incredbile powers for a short time, quickly followed by a descent into madness. The army was soon forced to fight a battle on two fronts: one against the Queen and one against their crazed comrades. However, spellcasters within the army quickly learned to harness the dark powers within every bite of the Queen. Using this knowledge to its advantage the army quickly overcame the crazed blood elf, putting her to her final rest.

With the death of the Blood Queen the next part of Morgraine’s plan was completed and Shadow’d Edge was infused with the power of blood."

-excerpt from the Ebon Archive
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