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Countdown to Extinction

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:57 pm Post subject: Countdown to Extinction Reply with quote

Sunlight offended poor Shady's eyes yet he kept following Caerinde, watching her step. Of course he had made himself invisible, knowing the draenei would not want the attention of the people filling the streets, as such an intimidating figure would surely make people stop and stare, or run for the guard. The draenei stopped in front of another crowd.
She sighed and braced herself to face her greatest fear once more - Stormwind was literally crawling with doomsayers. The citizens, in their fear, were desperately looking for answers. The doomsayers had answers , but not those based on facts. The residents gathered to those who had donned those black robes, taking in their words seemingly enthralled. Fear does that. The draenei was worried too. She felt it to be her charge however to try to help, even though she was not considered a Paladin or Vindicator these days. Worrying about things you cannot change always felt meaningless to her, and she hoped at least someone would listen to what she had to say.
"There is nothing to see here. Go back to your homes." She approached the crowd. Some of the onlookers glanced over their shoulders at the newcomer, while most and the doomsayer did not pay her any attention. Shady knew that when Rin demanded attention yet wasn't granted it, she would turn a little violent. She narrowed her eyes dangerously as the few people who noticed her turned around yet again. With an annoyed sigh she started pushing the citizens aside, making her way in. Noting the disturbance, the doomsayer, a large, overweight human male, fell silent and stared at her.
"You're not with the guard. I don't think they have stooped so low as to allow their men and women to wear dresses while on duty, have they?", said the doomsayer. A figure immediately burst out laughing next to her; a rat-like creature stood there snickering as his body reeked of alcohol.

The draenei shot the drunkard a hostile glance, then up at the doomsayer, annoyed by the fact she had left her armor back home. She knew far too well how little protection her expensive dress would offer if things got violent. She hesitated for a second or two, having to choose her words carefully not to offend the already angry mob.
"These men and women do not have the answers you seek. They play on your fear. Move along, go home and tell your children everything is alright. The king will make a public announcement soon and you will all learn what is happ-..."
"The king doesn't care about a rat's arse as long as we pay our taxes!" She was interrupted by the rat-like man, her eyes noticing he was fumbling with something at his side, maybe a blade. A few steps away, Shady remained silent and invisible, observing the events unfold before him.. Her. It.

"For all we know, he's prolly responsible for the tremors and elementals, tryin' to scare us!", a man right next to the rat-like man blurted out. Some of the onlookers cheered, and Rin could feel her already low confidence fly out the window. The doomsayer spoke, loud so everyone would hear him: "The king likes his gold, but he's a good king, and he cares for you!" Rin frowned a little, surprised by the human's words. He soon continued;
"BUT he cares for you in the wrong way. The end is coming, and he wants you to curl up under your beds. You need to listen to what we say, and ignore blasphemers such as this.. Alien, an outsider!" He stretched out one of his chubby fingers at the ex-vindicator, and the crowd cheered, no doubt the draenei felt as if the situation had turned against her.

She swallowed and opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the rat-like man and his (drinking?) companion.
"Kill her!"
"No! We aren't here to kill people, we're here to deliver them from the evil caused by their own sins!" The doomsayer bellowed. His cheeks flapped humourously as he shook his head. The rat-man did not listen, however. He laughed rudely into Rin's face and drew a small dagger from its scabbard. The draenei of course kept her eyes on the blade, muttering.
"Take a good look. Do you really want to do this?" The rat-man stopped, taking a second or two to let his gaze wander over the draenei's muscular body, her strong, uncovered arms. His companion, however, had managed to sneak up behind Rin as her focus was entirely on the other human, following his blade with her gaze.

Shady frowned, if such a creature would frown, and soared closer to the angry mob, without being noted. He.. It, slipped through the humans' bodies, approaching the man behind Rin. The rat-man's companion yelled "Gut her!" and struck the back of the draenei's head with a blunt object, and as she groaned and fell forward rat-man took the opportunity, driving the small, but fortunately rather dull blade inbetween Rin's ribs, just under her left breast.
The doomsayer gasped and jumped down from his crate, grabbing the vermin's arms, shaking his head as he saw the blue blood on the short blade. He pointed at the draenei, which gasped and groaned in pain, clutching her chest.
"You drunken fool! We're not here to kill, we're here to save good souls! Let her b-!"
The doomsayer was interrupted by a horrific scream from the companion, a scream that would make neck hairs stand on end. Rat-man's companion was holding his head, barely keeping his balance, two incorporeal, black hands holding it, although no arms or body could be seen. The human convulsed and suddenly his scream was cut short, as he collapsed dead on the street, a very foul stench, resembling that of burnt flesh, rising from his head - no scars or wounds marred his head, but it was obvious whatever just happened had put a painful and quick end to the man's life.
The crowd shuffled away slowly. The doomsayer stared in disbelief at the dead man, before he looked at the bleeding draenei on the ground. An accusing finger shot forth, pointing at the girl. "She.. She's a warlock! 'tis a draelock! Run for your lives!"
The crowd quickly dispersed. Left on the quickly emptied street was Rin, struggling to get on her knees, and the dead man. Shady hissed to himself before he slipped back to his original spot, silently observing the draenei once more. Rin groaned and gasped as she slipped a hand into a hidden pocket, pulling out a slightly shining gem - a truly genial idea from a friend of hers - which she clutched in her hand. She had not been cut off from the Light, but she was more.. Kept away from it.
She could not channel it on her own now, not even Shady knew why or what she had done to deserve such a punishment, but the small, sparkling gems would let her channel the holy energy for shorter amounts of time. The energy poured into her body, mending her wound, the draenei forgot her pain in a split second of pure joy as divinity once again coursed through her, for the first time in a long while.

The light eventually faded as she remained on her knees for a couple of minutes, breathing hard and clutching her hand to the wound. She knew she had healed herself too quickly, the energy not having had enough time to adjust to the draenei's body, but she needed to get rid of the pain and restore her body before any serious damage could be done due to internal bleeding.
Rin struggled to her hooves and tossed the spent gem away, clutching her wound as she slowly made her way from the scene, groaning for every step. Shady followed her from a distance, invisible again of course, not bothering to glance at the dead human left behind.
Eventually the injured draenei made her way to the harbor and she climbed up on her throne of crates, knowing she would be left alone there. The wound was healed, she was no longer bleeding, but it had been done so quickly she could still feel a burning pain in her chest. She sat silent for a while, before she muttered to herself...
"I tried to help.. And all I got was a knife in the ribs." She hissed a long line of cursewords and obscenities in her native tongue, muttering angrily.
"Their loss."
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