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Joining the Guild, second attempt

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Roshin the Assassin

PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 4:20 pm Post subject: Joining the Guild, second attempt Reply with quote

Apologies for the previous post, i had not read the requirements beforehand. So here goes.

Name, Class, Level: Roshin, Rogue, 64

Character Background (new to alliance, so needs work): Roshin was a native Gilnean, brought up within it's walls. As a younger child, he tended to hang about with the darker side of the public, stealing, vandalising, pretty much anything he could do for 'fun'. As he grew, he and his friends became more bold, venturing ever further away from the city and into the surrounding countryside. One day, Roshin was attacked by a worgen, leaving him beaten and bloody. Hunters found him, and brought him back to the city, where he was treated, but unfortunately fell to the Worgen curse.

Prefered role in Raids: Dps, probably will be Assassination or Combat, depending on what is needed.

Why i want to join: I am really interested in RolePlay, and i have had a lot of experience of it on the Horde side. Unfortunately, Horde side RP is becoming increasingly repetitive and dull, so i wanted a change. after arriving here i was told your guild was one of the largest and most active RP/PvE guilds on this server, so i thought i would give them a read into. From what i see, i like =]

Previous Guilds: (all Horde) Bringers of the Dawn, Alah Anore, Cult of Crimson Shadows, Bound in Blood, Hand of the Titans.

Experience: My main character is Horde side, lv 80 Holy Paladin. I have completed most raids on a previous character, Aronis (lv 80 DK) as a tank, but deleted him and remade him. I am flexible in my roles, as i have had experience as a Tank, Healer and DPS in raids as well as levelling.

RL age bracket: 17

Raid Gear: still levelling

Talents: right now i have Subtlety/Assassination dual spec, both taken directly from sites that give you the optimum talents for your class.

Equipment Quality: Still levelling/gearing

Raiding intentions: Due to IRL reasons, i would only be able to make the Sunday raids, but as i am still gearing/levelling, that may change over the course of the next few months

I fully understand how to use addons, also using addons such as MRP, Tongues, DBM, AtlasLoot etc

Internet Connection: Stable and reliable, recently upgraded and installed.

Bonus Question: As a rogue, i am well adapted to both PvE and PvP. depending on the situation, i can switch my rotations to keep myself alive, do instant damage or give more DoTs, whichever would best benefit the group. Not much more a rogue can do =]
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