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Flowermaniac seeks significant others

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 11:06 pm Post subject: Flowermaniac seeks significant others Reply with quote

Character name, class, current main/off-spec, and level.

Argetune (Flower Ninja), Mage, Fire (main) / Arcane (off spec), currently 92.

Character background:
The smoke was thick and acrid. The deafening thunder of war ended. The lords of Salvation littered the Gateway defences. The war was over and with it all hope of stopping the Iron Horde. Azeroth was lost.

Argetune looked out across the expanse.

"How did it come to this? Were we not prepared this time?"

"Something is wrong. Khadgar had assured us the plan would work, that we would not need to resort to the device. Damn the dragonflight for not being here!"

"There is no other option". Argetune unwrapped the small bronze pocket watch from the shimmering cloth surrounding it and read the note one last time.

"One push to go forward. Two to go back. If all is lost, destroy the watch, seek the Ebon Flame. Khadgar"

Arrows landed at Argetune's feet. A hoarse warcry rang out as a group of monstrous orcs charged across the empty battlefield.

With seconds to spare, the pocket watch was smashed against the rock laden ground...

My name is Argetune. I am a disciple of Khadgar or rather, i will be. I have come to Moonglade seeking help. My world (Earthen Ring) has been utterly destroyed and overrun by the iron horde. I have traveled back through time to prevent this from happening. I have been told to seek out the Ebon Flame by my Master. Will you help me?
Hello everyone, i am Arge. 10 Years ago i saved up my wages and purchased a ground breaking MMORG called World of Warcraft. i joined a roleplaying realm with my roleplaying group. Together we battled across Azeroth.

As time went on we grew apart and went our separate ways.

i joined a raiding group known as the lords of salvation. Alas, i am the last survivor. With my world overrun with immature beings and raiding groups without any community spirit, i have taken the leap to Moonglade after a recommendation from a dear friend.

Why do you wish to join Ebon Flame? I have met a few of your members when adventuring in the timeless isles. They provided me with so much of their time and help, after my experience of Earthen Ring, this shocked me. I was so grateful. I would like to participate in your raiding party after following your successes on the front page of the website. But more importantly i would like to join your community and aid it in all the ways that i can.

Preferred role in raids:

If picking flowers and making pretty clothes was an available role - there would be no better option than i. Alas, i can only offer you a proficient mage player. The new Expansion will take some getting used to, but i can be proficient in all specs over time.


Sofiana. "Who Wills? Argetune Wills. Who Tries? Argetune tries. Who loves? Argetune lives!"

Previous membership of other guilds:

Lords of Salvation.

General experience:

I started 10 years ago. i took a large break whilst i progressed my career. I am now in a position where i can raid and play WoW frequently. i used to be the raid flower picker. It is a very time consuming role, but was one i thoroughly enjoyed.

I enjoy all aspects of WoW. I am currently progressing through the new content whilst trying to find new friends on Moonglade.

Raiding experience:

Before the expansion my raiding experience was through "LFR". I have participated in all raids up to the new expansion.

RL age bracket:


WoW Armory link:


Main and off-specs:

I was geared through "LFR" for a fire spec mage. Now the game seems to have shifted i am currently making my way through the new content as a fire mage, arcane and frost mage. trying to find what works and for what situation.

Fire spec is ok for single player and is a lot of fun. However i will change between specs as and when needed.

Raiding intentions:

With most of my experience being on LFR, i would class myself as in need of training. However, i am a very fast learner. Its an expectation of my employer IRL.

I can raid whenever required. Due to my job i will able to commit except for when doing nights shifts, which are planned in advance, and if WW3 kicks off.


It has been a while, but i'm happy to use anything required.

Voice communications:


Internet connection/computer performance:

My connection is stable. I do have a high spec Desktop PC. I plan on moving early next year. This will enable me to get fibre optic broadband.

The bonus question:
Since we're an international guild, it's important that all our members have a strong command of the English language. Please look on this as a chance to impress us with something original, individual, personal or creative, and don't just write a sentence or two.

"Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme Tune"

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the saviour of a place called Moon- Glade

In Stormwind, i was born and raised
In the Library was where I spent most of my days.
shiftin' out, frostin' out, blast'in' all,
Meeting Sofiana outside by the pool,
When an almighty horde, were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little war and Sofiana got scared
She said

'You're movin' over to Moon Glade - NOW!'

A) For the raiders: outside of class/spec abilities and buffs, what do you feel is the most important thing you, as a person, bring to a raid?

Military Discipline.

Sense of humour.


Flowers... so many flowers.

B) For the social applicants: please write a few sentences about how you came to find out about the Ebon Flame, and your motivations to join. This could also be written in-character if you prefer.

As i have previously mentioned i have been a bit lost since my guild disbanded. i have luckily found Sofiana, my faith in the Wow community has been restored so i have made the jump over to Moonglade where i hope to continue the journey with you all.
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