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PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:40 pm Post subject: Application Reply with quote

  1. Character name, class, current main/off-spec, and level:
    Im currently only really playing a 110 restoration druid called Windoge, but when questing im using my feral offspec

  2. Character background:
    My Character was trying to find a cure for the worgen curse after fleeing Gil'neas and seeing what it had done to his friends and family, so the best way to do this I thought was to become a druid and try to cleanse the curse with some druidic spell. I have not yet succeded in doing this but I know that I am close.

  3. Preferred role in raids:
    My prefered role in raids would be healer since I have alot of experience in this area, my feral gear apart from its artifact traits are more than geared for current raids aswell.

  4. Why do you wish to join Ebon Flame?
    I found the Ebon Flame on the guild finder tab. And I expect to find a guild whom I can do steady guild runs with and have some fun, I do believe I would not only help your raid groups but also provide some entertainment.

  5. Recommendations:
    I do not have any recommendations from any of your members sadly.

  6. Previous membership of other guilds:
    I actively raided with a very small and very good guild back in Cataclysm which was a blast and I hope I can get something similar inside your guild.

  7. General Experience:
    I've been playing WoW on and off since Vanilla, sometimes really serious and other time just for the fun. I have played a bunch of different mmo's like Guild wars, Guild Wars 2, Swtor. I'd like to do raids alot and I have fun doing world quests and Mythic+ dungeons.

  8. Raiding Experience:
    Like I said I raided alot back in Cataclysm and cleared Heroic Dragon Soul, I raided a bit in MoP but kinda stopped playing after awhile since I wasn't really enjoying the expansion

  9. RL age bracket:

  10. WoW Armory link:

  11. Main and Off-Specs:
    My main spec is restoration which I am really familiar with since I mainly only played a resto druid for as long as I can remember.
    Feral I am okay with not the greatest but if needed I can perform, I did a bit of raiding with a tank spec in Cata and MoP but havent played it much in Legion.
    I have the best gear for resto but my feral is raid geared aswell.

  12. Raiding Intentions:
    I intend to join all 3 of the weekly raids as I will almost always be able to do so. I do not have any preferences as to which team I am on.

  13. Addons:
    Im currently using Healbot for my heals and DBM for raids/Dungeons and am very aware of what happens at all times due to DBM.

  14. Voice Communications:
    Im currently using alot of discord and skype but am somewhat familiar with mumble aswell and i'd be happy to chat and discuss things with other people in voice comms.

  15. Internet Connection/Computer Performance:
    My internet connection is top notch I almost never dc, I did notice wow crashing after getting battle ressed but I believe this is a very common bug and not in any way related to my connection or computer. I run WoW always and everywhere at 60 fps.

  16. The Bonus Question:
    When I was 3 years old I went to Ireland for 2 years till I was 5 and picked up alot of English during this time.
    Its clear to me that I have not mastered the language but I do have a fairly strong grip on it.
    And for what I bring to the raid it would be my personality and perceptiveness to allow discovery of maybe additional game mechanics.
    I do always try and stay on top of things that would help me raid such as videos explaining the fights etc.
    I will always be looking up things to maybe found out hidden interactions or other interesting facts
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