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Noldoist - Social - Level 110 Demon Hunter

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:12 pm Post subject: Noldoist - Social - Level 110 Demon Hunter Reply with quote

Character name, class, current main/off-spec, and level:
Noldoist, Demon Hunter, MS Havoc/OS Vengeance - 110

Character background:
Used to be a cheerful and happy Night Elf woman before attack of the Burning Legion. Like all the other Demon Hunters, she lost her family and baby brother during the invasion which stroke her heart deeply. Because of this, she took her baby brother's name 'Noldoist' as if her own, nobody knows her real name not even Kayn or other Illidari members. She does not bear any sympath for Alliance, nor the Horde, all she cares is the end of the Legion and death of the demons that crawl from the dephts of the Twisting Nether. She acts rather cold but her cheerful side shows itself when she begins to trust her allies.

Preferred role in raids:
DPS, but can also do tanking if it's needed.

Why do you wish to join Ebon Flame?
Actually, my friend Lylaeth and Monthius invited me over to play World of Warcraft and informed about Ebon Flame, your raiding progress and the guild's community. I felt interested when they told me about all these stuff, so I try to give it a shot to join you guys.

Lylaeth and Monthius

Previous membership of other guilds:
Azerothian Super Pals - Twisting Nether (Formed by me to gather all IRL friends to play together, didn't work out very well tho)

General Experience:
I am playing World of Warcraft since 2009 and I am kinda a PvE-kinda player. I am not fond of PvP but if a guild-member or my friend wants to do it, I would gladly join. The thing is, I am a achievment,reputation and mount addict, I am always trying to get new achievments, collect mounts and stuff. If you ever see me doing Legacy raids or stuff, you should understand that I am trying to get a mount...

Raiding Experience:
I started playing World of Warcraft in 2009, during WotLK expansion. I was never a 'hardcore raider', but rather playing to have fun and improve my gaming skills and experience. Though I always try to progress on my own or with PuGs/guild as best as I can. Did raiding during Naxx, Ulduar and ICC in WotLK, 1st patch and last patch of Cataclysm (Blackwing, Throne of 4 winds etc.), 1st patch and last patch of MoP (which was mostly LFR stuff) and did no raiding during WoD, cause Draenor sucks :3

RL age bracket:

WoW Armory link:

Main and Off-Specs:
Havoc - Vengeance
Lylaeth told me that, Ebon Flame has enough tanks for raiding and stuff, so I changed to Havoc Razz

Raiding Intentions:
As I mentioned before, I am not a hardcore raider but I am really willing to join you guys for any upcoming raids. I would study the strategies, gather the gear but nowadays I am also an editor of a gaming website so I don't wanna disappoint or frustrate you guys in a way.


Voice Communications:
Mainly Discord

Internet Connection/Computer Performance:
With low graphic settings, I am having 40-60fps in a raid and 60-70 while I do questing. I have 100mbps download and 10-20mbps upload speed.

Bonus Question:
Although I am not a hardcore raider, I am a hardcore gamer who is in love with JRPGS. I am playing video games for like 20 years, begun this journey with NES and took a huge leap with PlayStation 1 back in '99 and 2000. I used to work as a writer and editor in Turkish videogame websites such a IGN-Turkey and Merlin'in Kazanı and had a youtube channel which is aimed on Video game history called Noldoist TV. Right now, I am a writer and Youtube Editor in Lorekeeper, right now while I am writing these sentences I am also trying to prepare Kingdom Hearts' lore video for the next week Razz

Thank you for reading, I am sure I can fit into this community well!
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