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Recruitment (dps warrior)

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:15 pm Post subject: Recruitment (dps warrior) Reply with quote

1.Character name, class, current main/off-spec, and level.
Witeric, main DPS/off Tank, 110.

2.Character background:
Started to play WoW in 2006. 12 years of my gameplay i took some breaks from WoW, as gameteam suggested that; ''Bring your friends to Azeroth, but don't forget to go outside Azeroth with them as well!'' Wink

3.Why do you wish to join Ebon Flame? What attracted you to the guild and what do you expect to find here? What do you believe makes you unique in what you can offer to the guild?
İ was a member of Ebon Flame once as a raider, tbh i could not gather why i left, because its looong time ago.

4.Preferred role in raids: Tanking, healing, melee or ranged damage dealer. If you have a raid ready offspec, please state so as well - having this and doing so is desirable, raid-ready includes being suitably-geared. Those applying for social spots may leave this section blank.
If you have a spot in your raid team, DPS role is my choice.

5.Recommendations: Are there any Ebon Flame members that you know that will vouch for your awesomeness? Recommendations from current Ebon Flame members are not essential, but we value our members' opinions.
Probably some of your members could remind me; a humble but proud dwarf warrior.

6.Previous membership of other guilds: on Moonglade, or elsewhere, on any character - not just the character you are applying with. Please bear in mind we have a firm rule that we do not allow our members to have actively raiding characters in other raid guilds - we value commitment and loyalty. We especially need to know if you have ever been in (or applied to) EF before (on any character, not just this one) If you have been in EF before, please also tell us why you left, and why you now want to return.
My curent guild is "Mountain Clan" which is my own guild already. Before; i was a member of "The Gathering" which is raiding with "The Wyld Hunt" as mixed (2015 to 2016). And in a row (if i remember right); "Suffragium", "Event Horizon", "Ebon Flame", "Method" (but Moonglade version Smile).

7.General experience: When did you start playing WoW; have you played other MMOs? What is it you like to do in WoW, on a day-by-day/week-by-week basis?
In 2006. I dont like the others, except Ulitma Online which is the first MMOG in the World. Just; i like to play.

8.Raiding experience: if you are applying to raid, what is your experience? Please note your most current experiences, as well as any pertinent past kills or achievements. Those applying for social spots may leave this section blank.
Most curent one is Legion LFR`s, i had some from old raids.

9.RL age bracket: 18-21, 22-25, 26-30, 31+. PLEASE NOTE - minimum RL age is 18. we cannot accept applications from anyone younger.
Well. 45+.

10.WoW Armory link: Remember to log out with your raiding gear, non-raiders may leave this section blank - unless you want to show us your awesome RP set!

11.Main and off-specs: briefly explain your experience with your current spec, as well as your knowledge of your chosen off-spec. How comfortable are you playing your off-spec, and how well-geared is it? For classes that can perform all three roles, please also explain your experience with your 3rd spec. Those applying for social spots may leave this section blank.
Main is Fury which is i prefer to play, 2nd is Protection when needed and 3rd is Arms the last one which is make me sleepy.

12.Raiding intentions: we raid from 19:45 to 23:30 on Thursdays, Sundays, & Mondays. How many of these raids would you be available? Please also indicate which team you are interested in, if you have a preference. Those applying for social spots may leave this section blank.
2 times in a week seems good for me.

13.Addons: do you understand how to use addons such as DBM? Those applying for social spots may leave this section blank.
Warriors dont need too many addons, DBM, a damage meter, a threat meter are mainly i use.

14.Voice communications: are you willing to use voice-comms to communicate during raids (we use Mumble, and have our own server)? Those applying for social spots may leave this section blank.
Can use them. I can listen but dont prefer to talk. Smile

15.Internet connection/computer performance: is your connection stable and reliable, or do you tend to disconnect frequently? Is your computer strong enough to handle raids, or does your FPS drops below 5? You are encouraged to be honest, as your trial will bear out what you have said if/when you are offered a trial with us.
I5, GTx 1050 Ti and 8 gb ram (soon it will be 16 gb), around 70 fps (in Dalaran).

16.The bonus question:
Since we're an international guild, it's important that all our members have a strong command of the English language. Please look on this as a chance to impress us with something original, individual, personal or creative, and don't just write a sentence or two.

A) For the raiders: outside of class/spec abilities and buffs, what do you feel is the most important thing you, as a person, bring to a raid?
Try to be in time whatever you got aplicated, listen well, ask when you have a doubt and dont talk too much.

B) For the social applicants: please write a few sentences about how you came to find out about the Ebon Flame, and your motivations to join. This could also be written in-character if you prefer.
As i said, i was a member of EF once, started to play again and it seems its is hard to leave this damn WoW addiction. I guess i need some mental support.
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