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Old man looking for people to smash faces in with!

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:32 pm Post subject: Old man looking for people to smash faces in with! Reply with quote

Hello everyone,

this is my application to the Ebon Flame. I hope you will enjoy the read and if not yell at me accordingly.

  1. Character name, class, current main/off-spec, and level:
    Lord Gwyndion Vanyar, level 120 Unholy DK. Blood offspec, though I haven't tanked since Cataclysm.

  2. Character background:
    (( Note: I will probably race change with 8.3, but I don't know which race yet. I might also stick to human but switch genders. No background for the new character yet, which is why I will stick to the current form of Gwyndion for this purpose.))

    Lord Gwyndion Vanyar, former Duke of Crownsdale on northern Lordaeron. Knight, Paladin, Lord Protector of the Argent Dawn, Champion of the Ebon Blade. Husband, father, brother, son. Old man. Gwyndion has carried many titles over his long life.

    Born the eldest son of the Duke of Crownsdale it was a forgone conclusion that he would inherit the land and it's people in northern Lordaeron. Still, the Vanyars were firm believers in actually doing something to justify their land and subjects, so Gwyndion trained to be a knight at the court of King Terenas and later on as paladin with Lord Uther himself.

    Gwyndion fought in the second and third wars against the Horde and Scourge while his wife and children tended to Crownsdale. That was when fate caught up with him in the form of Arthas Menethil. On his way to Quel'thalas the Scourge had to pass Crownsdale and since Lord Gwyndion was a staunch supporter of King Terenas as well as a paladin of the Silver Hand, the former prince would certainly not let the lands lie at his back with a strong leader ready to unite a resistance against him. So Crownsdale, like so many parts of Lordaeron, was sieged, conquered and destroyed against all resistance by the duke and his people. The final insult was when Arthas, standing in the audience hall of Crownsdale Keep, raised the duke as a Death Knight in front of the eyes of the terrified survivors before ordering his undead minions to slaughter them to a man.

    Gwyndion was brought to Archerus for training as a Death Knight, luckily for him Highlord Mograines rebellion set him free from the Lich King before he could actually bring chaos and dispair in the Lich Kings name. Free from control by the Scourge Lord Vanyar vowed retribution against the Lich King and his minions.

    These days Gwyndion is almost 70 years old and still a force to be reckoned with. A master fighter with a greatsword and a staunch supporter of both the Alliance and the Argent Crusade he has qualms with some of the more morally grey decisions made by Highlord Mograine and the new Lich King. Nevertheless, he will stand with his brothers and sisters, trusting in the Light that Lord Bolvar is still somewhere inside the Lich King and remembers what it used to be as a paladin.

  3. Preferred role in raids:
    Melee DPS (duh). I have several other 120s as well, though only few of them are actually geared enough to be raid ready. If melee dps would not be a great choice we can certainly discuss other options.

  4. Why do you wish to join Ebon Flame?
    I am currently "raiding" on Argent Dawn. "Raiding" in quotations marks, since we last raided before classic launched. Since then barely anyone played retail and I stopped playing myself until a few days ago. The guild is considering raiding again for Ny'alotha, but only until the new raid is clear, after that no more raiding.

    That is not enough for me personally, so I started looking for a new home. Since I am decidedly picky these days when it comes to guilds, I branched out to other servers too. I found Ebon Flame on wowprogress, contacted Heba for a few questions, had a great talk and here we are.

    I especially like how Ebon Flame is doing things "old school". Written application, a community outside of raids and the game, helping people, vetting newcomers and respecting RP and the rules of the RP server the guild is home on. These are all things I missed for the last years and make me feel warm and fuzzy as well as nostalgic inside.

  5. Recommendations:
    Unfortunately none. Though I did smash faces with Heba in Islands today, so maybe that counts.

  6. Previous membership of other guilds:
    Oh boy. I've never been on Moonglade, but I play since the closed EU beta of WoW classic. I've been part of so many guilds that I can barely remember all of them, I alone switched servers multiple times (Die Silberne Hand, Argent Dawn, Die Aldor, Argent Dawn again) and was part in guilds basically every step of the way. The most recent guilds were both on Argent Dawn: Temporal Vortex and The Burning Hammer (which is my current guild). I also have several toons still sitting on the Aldor (Horde, yikes) which I don't play currently.

    Due to limited play time these days I only actively play one or two toons always in the same guild. So if I'd switch over to Moonglade and EF I wouldn't actively play anywhere else.

  7. General Experience:
    Quite a bit. As mentioned I started playing WoW in classic closed beta, so a good chunk of time before the official release in the EU. During the years I was at various stages of my "career" tank, healer and dps. I was a raid leader, guild officer and class leader on Horde and Alliance guilds both. I have always been a raider and can vividly remember most raids from classic on till Eternal Palace today. I have never been a PvPer and never will be, my aversion against PvP is going so far as not farming for gear or essence if they require PvP to get, I'd rather deliberately "gimp" myself than doing something I don't enjoy. Especially now that my gaming time is severely limited compared to earlier stages of my WoW career.

    These days I do what I enjoy: mostly raiding and preparing for raiding. I dislike grinding but accept it as necessary part of staying on top of the game. I will never raid Mythic, as it is too much hassle for me, but I will always try to get the best out of my class and spec anyway. It is important to not however, that I will not play flavor of the month classes or specs, history taught me that I will just quit playing if I don't enjoy what I am doing. And in the end, WoW is a hobby for me which is necessary to relax from real life work.

    Aside from WoW my gaming career started in the 80s with Commander Keen on my dad's 286. First MMO was Ultima Online and I played most popular MMOs since. Still do from time to time in fact, I still play ESO. STO and SWTOR regularly, especially during WoW breaks. I also play a lot of single player games, mostly RPGs, Action-RPGs and RTS (though there are precious little games left in that categroy these days).

  8. Raiding Experience:
    As mentioned above, I basically raided every raid tier from Molten Core until today, with the notable exception of classic Naxxramas (I was not hardcore enough for that).
    For a couple of years now I'm taking things easier, I play dps because I enjoy that the most and didn't take any leading roles. I have a pretty stressful job and can't run my games like I used to.

    Since the introduction of the "Ahead of the Curve" achievements I got most of them, except when taking short breaks in between.

  9. RL age bracket:
    I'm 37 years old.

  10. WoW Armory link:
    Gwyndion can be found here. Since I switched up toons during BfA, I will also link my hunter here as well as my mage here.

  11. Main and Off-Specs:
    I main Unholy, because in their glorious wisdom Blizzard decided to bury 2H Frost. I dislike dual-wield specs and thus play specs with 2H weapon. Bothing like smashing faces with a huge honking greatsword! I actually prefer frost from a gameplay perspective, but oh well.
    As for Blood, I maintanked back in Cataclysm as Blood, but haven't tanked since. I would not consider myself ready and willing to tank at this time.

  12. Raiding Intentions:
    Now things are getting interesting, and I told Heba as much. Originally I was looking for a guild/raid that only raids twice a week. Reasons for that are simple, I have a girlfriend I barely see during the work week and I don't want to spend half a week raiding with a headset on. This usually gets me dirty looks from the lady of the house, understandably so. I also get up early in the mornings, so I have a firm deadline of 22:30 when I go to bed. Both of that means that I originally would not have applied to Ebon Flame, but Heba assured me that it would not be a problem. I really dislike being a burden on my guild though, so if those arrangements don't work we can try and find something else that works. Worst case I would withdraw my application if it simply doesn't fit.

  13. Addons:
    I use addons since they were available and use a heavily modded UI myself (based on ElvUI). All essential raid addons are included.

  14. Voice Communications:
    I can do most of the popular voice chats, though I prefer Discord these days. Headset and Microphone are available and I also talk *gasp*

  15. Internet Connection/Computer Performance:
    Connection and setup are stable and plenty enough for WoW. Even considering that Germany is basically a third world country when it comes to internet connections.

  16. The Bonus Question:
    I consider myself an experienced raider and player in general. I'm also a helpful person in general and play WoW for exactly two things: socializing and raiding. There is a reason I play on English servers, even though we Germans have our own reals: I vastly prefer the international flair and community of such servers to my own countrymen. I dislike extreme elitism (though to be fair I can be pretty arrogant myself) and in my experience German players tend to be more full of themselves than others.

    The last couple of years I was raiding without a real community behind it, my last few guilds usually logged in for raids and M+ and then off again. There was little feeling of community except for a small core of old players who were leading the guild for years. After 15 years the game itself is not enough to keep me engaged, I need the social aspect as well.

    Maybe something about myself too, so you get an idea who I am. I've written enough anyway, so a couple of sentences more won't make much of a difference. I'm 37 years old, from Germany and live near Frankfurt. I studied law and after university decided that I'd rather do something worthwhile with my live, so I went into data protection and from there to information/IT/cyber security. Today I'm the department head responsible for cyber security for a company with several thousand employees, so my job tends to be stressful from time to time. Gaming has always been my way of releasing that stress and a big part of that is smashing huge raid bosses face in, since I have to focus on that exclusively without thinking about work and the next day when I am back at the office.
    I read, write and speak English reasonably well (at least for a German) I'm snarky, often sarcastic and use a lot of (bad) humor. After all, we all know Germans have no sense of humor at all.

    Anyway, that's just about it. If you want to know anything else, feel free to poke me ingame or here on the forums, I will check the thread periodically. I still have this week vacation left, so I will be around during day time too.

    Sebastian / Gwyndion

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